Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's In A Name?

I was in the shower after work and I was wondering what to throw into the blog for today. You're in luck, I think this one will be short.


Not that this blog isn't about me every day. But the very first line of my very first post on the very first day of this blog was "Hi. My name's Rob, and this is my Blog."

Rob. What does that actually mean?

Well, I googled it. No surprise if you know me, since I walk around claiming that my Google-fu is strong.
I was expecting some sort of definition, like:

      Rob: verb - to take property, either tangible or intangible, from an unwilling being by use of force, violence or the threat of violence. Example - 'John had $500 until a man robbed him at gunpoint.'

That's not what it says when you Google  "Name Meanings" and put in "Robert". What you get is:

     Name Meaning: Bright Fame

Bright Fame. Me. Ha.
Fame, hopefully, in the future, from my writing. Hey, that would be great! But 'Bright'? I've been writing ghost and horror stories for more than half a year. Not exactly the brightest of genres. Hmmm....

So, instead I looked at some random entries in this blog to see if I could help define "Rob".

So, according to all this, I came up with this definition:

     Rob: noun - One who screams at spiders while burning the heck out of pancakes because he's being repeatedly kicked in the groin by Time Traveling Ninja Sausages, and then blogs about it - at gun point!

Um ... I think I'll stick with the 'Bright Fame' definition. I really hate being kicked in the groin!


Talk to you later!

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