Tuesday, August 23, 2011

High Stakes... and Low Steaks

Sorry, it's more about the camping trip. I still haven't left yet, barely done any packing. but I did a little to get ready...

I had to replace the tailgate grill from last year, since the one I had was inadvertently left out to fend for itself against the elements this winter.
It didn't make it. Well, it sort of made it. If you can call being half-filled with water while the other half was filled with a wasp nest 'making it'. I didn't. Especially since the water rotted out all the workings inside. I tossed it and planned to get a new one. I actually purchased one a month or two ago in preparation for this trip.
I just put it together yesterday.
did test it though, cooking part of Handsome's dinner on it last night, and the good news is, it worked perfectly!
The bad news is, I dropped the steak on the way to put it on the grill. Right down on the deck.
More good news is that, what with Handsome watching TV, I was able to rinse it off and he never even knew!
More bad news is, he does have access to this blog. Just no interest. If he ever does develop an interest, and read this, I hope I can still take him. Or, at least, out-run him.
I did print out a few of my blog entries that feature him to read to him while we're camping. I think he'll get a kick out of them... I know I do! They may spawn some interest about this blog in his almost-9-year-old little heart, but I sort of doubt it.
I guess I'll take my chances.

Until we return from the wild, farewell!

In other words, 'Talk to you later!'

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