Sunday, July 3, 2011

Handsome's Old Habit ... Ugh...

When he was quite young, we noticed that Handsome had a talent for kicking and hitting me in the ... uh... I'll call them 'the jimmies". As a toddler he was so talented he could get me in his sleep. He always  got me in his sleep! He could somehow kick me in the jimmies from behind, as we slept. He just flexed his leg around me or something, and was always on target.
It got to the point that I would sleep with a pillow jammed between my legs, squeezed between my thighs to form a kind of safety barrier. It usually worked. Except for one time that I can remember, that I look upon as Handsome's crowning achievement in this vein. We were sleeping, him in the bed with me, and I was lying on my side, facing away from him with the safety pillow in place. I was kind of curled up, and sound asleep. With no warning whatsoever, both of Handsome's little toddler knees hammered me in the kidneys. The pain was intense and sudden, and I reflexively straightened, pulling my back away from the source of the pain. The pillow actually shot forward, falling off the bed entirely. That's when that little boomerang leg of his whipped out and around, and his foot made crushing contact with my jimmies.
I had just had my bacon handed to me by a 3 year old while he was sound asleep. Quick, someone call the WWE!

I mention this because of something that happened this morning. Handsome, who is almost 9 now, was lying on the couch watching cartoons. I sat on the vacant cushion and started poking him in the legs as I asked him what he wanted to do today. The poking tickled him, so I did it some more, and he began to struggle and kick a bit. I realized that we were pushing at the arms of the couch, and I called a halt to the wrestling before we damaged the furniture. Handsome simply said "Okay,". He had both legs pulled up to get them away from me, and he looked back at the television as he relaxed his legs and let his feet drop back down.
Squarely onto my jimmies.

Apparently, it's true, old habits die hard.
I just really wish he'd outgrow this one!

Talk to you later!

 ... possibly in a higher-pitched voice, though.

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