Monday, August 22, 2011

Handsome's Camping Expectations

By the time you can read this, I'll be on an island in a river with Handsome. I'm on vacation this week, and he asked, weeks ago, if we could go camping again. In the same place we went last year.
In case you wanted to read about last year's trip, here's a link to my post about it (Sweat, Handsome and the Poo Hole)

This year I'm a little bit behind the 8-ball on it. We're leaving this afternoon, hopefully right after lunch, and I haven't started packing yet. I just started some laundry I need to get done before we go so I can at least start with some clean shorts! We may be there for 2 nights, unless Handsome decides he wants to come back after one. I told him he may get bored out there; no phone, no electricity, no internet or cable tv. He said we can bring books.
"You're going to read?" I'll admit, I sounded a little surprised.
"No. You can read to me!"
We all have these mental pictures of the Pharaohs, with one slave wielding a huge fan for them, one popping grapes into his mouth while a third stands ready with a pitcher of wine, should the Pharaoh develop a thirst. Sound familiar? Well, I'm pretty sure this is how Handsome sees himself. But in his picture all three slaves are wearing my face!
I did just pack up a few things I wrote in the past year to bring. The four parts I have so far of the Sci-Fi series I am writing for Handsome. A ghost story that I wrote with him in mind, more funny than scary (I hope). The story of three children, a mean old woman and a very fat cat.  The Leprechaun story that is being published in an E-zine soon. Some other short stuff.
Now it may seem like he's getting his wish, but keep this in mind: I wrote this stuff. This means that I'll be reading it with a pen in hand, making notes and corrections and flipping the pages over to make more extensive notes on how the story could be made better...
You see, in my mental picture, there isn't a slave, there's Pharaoh and his tutor. The tutor is completely engrossed in getting it all right and is absent-mindedly handing the fan to Pharaoh so he can fan himself. And my God does the Pharaoh look bored!

Now I have to try to set this to auto-post at about my usual time, later on today.

Talk to you later!

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