Monday, May 9, 2011

Shower Rules

Okay, I'm back faster than I expected. I wasn't planning on blogging again until tomorrow, but something just happened that caused me to come up with another question.
Aren't there different rules for when you're in the shower?
For instance, say... Oh.. I don't know... you're standing in the shower, obviously naked and wet, and you have suds in your eyes. You rinse the suds away and come face-to-face with a spider crawling up the tub surround. Now, I know I'm a Man, and Men have Rules, and Man Code, and whatnot, but ever since the movie "Psycho" haven't there been a whole different  set of rules for the shower? I mean, in the situation I described wouldn't it be perfectly natural for a 42 year old 215 lb man to run in place just a little? Maybe making a sound that would normally come out of a five-year-old child of indeterminate sex? That's ok, right? Naked and wet in the shower, with one of those Surprise Spiders? And wouldn't it follow, having done that, he might, oh, sort of flail at the spider for a while with the loofah? Which, as I am now out of the shower, I will Manfully refer to as the "scrubby-thingie"?


Dangit! They're not buying it here, either.

Talk to you later...

1 comment:

  1. I love reading your blog. I read it every couple of days. I don't get on my computer everyday, so when I do, I read your blog.

    Your stories are funny. You know life is funny, the observations, the every day things that you think only happen to you. They don't only happen to you. Well some things only happen to you.

    Just to let you know... when I see a spider in the shower, I don't run in place or scream like a little girl, I just throw some water on it to get it down the drain.

    You pansy... just kidding.