Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Try To Say Something Nice...

My son and I went to the roller rink today. Yes, that same roller rink that was not open the other day when Handsome went to play in the stream. The rink was filled with children of various ages, and just a few adults. There are a few adults you see there often; I like to think of them as the 'regulars', and they are usually people who skate quite well. One of them was there today, a pretty tough looking guy who skates like a champ. He's quick and graceful, as well as playful, skating forwards, backwards, and sometimes actually sideways, dancing to the music they have blasting over the loudspeakers.
Today there were two other skilled adults there, two people I had never seen, but they seemed to be about my age, maybe a touch younger. The woman was skating in a very straight forward manner, but skillfully, gliding effortlessly through the crowd, avoiding traffic jams and tangled kids like they weren't even there. The man was more showy, skating backwards and forwards, throwing in spins and almost acrobatic moves. The two of them occasionally danced, skating together, her forward him backward. I told Handsome to keep an eye on them and try to learn from what they do since they really seem to know what they are doing.
I, on the other hand, re-figured out how to skate without falling down just last year, so that's what I stick to; I go out and try very hard not to fall down.
When the skate was over, and we were all leaving, I saw the woman changing into her shoes. Her partner was still out on the floor, but I paused by her bench.
"Hi," I said. "You skate very well."
She brightened, and as I went on to say "You two are fun to watch," she gestured toward me and spoke at the same time I did. I nodded, and waved goodbye, and it wasn't until I was walking away that I puzzled out what she had said.
"It's great to see older people out there!"

I'm 'older people'.


It's almost 9:00. I have to drink my Geritol and totter off to bed soon. We older people need our rest! I'd proof-read this stuff first, but I have such a hard time with these little tiny letters... Man! I have to start putting this blog out in a large print edition in case anyone out there my age should want to give it a read! I hope I remember to start doing that, but you know the memory is the second thing to go. Right after ... after ... uh... that thing ...
... what was I talking about?

Anyway, it's almost 9:00. I have to drink my Geritol and totter off to ...

Talk to you later!

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