Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dr. Frankenstein

Yesterday, my jeep was dead. Well, if not dead, then dying. Could not drive it. I had an appointment scheduled with the dealership for Tuesday and had pretty much resigned myself to spending a whole lot of money that I don't have.
Then DW called.
I have been impressed with DW before, as I mentioned in my post "Motors and Magic".
He called to say he had been to the junkyard and had some parts. He came by with those parts and opened my Jeep. When I say "opened", I mean it in the surgical sense. He pulled the valve cover off, and that's where my knowledge of 'what things are called' ends. From where I was standing, what was exposed by the removal of the valve cover looked a little like a metal spine. DW proceeded to remove that spine, piece by piece, inspecting the parts, pronouncing them crap (well, the term he used was 'worn out') and cast them aside.
He then opened the plastic wrapped package he had brought with him. One by one he removed parts from that packet (He was calling them stuff like push rods, lifters and rockers. I'll just call them 'parts'.), cleaned them thoroughly and laid them aside. He then cleaned the old sludgy oil out of the top of the motor with a shop vac and a screwdriver.
Honest to God, it was like a TV surgeon asking for suction.
He took those parts he had gotten in a junkyard and re-assembled the spine right  before my eyes.
He put everything back together, "closed up" they would have called it on "ER" or "MASH", and told me to fire it up.
It ran better than it had in the past 2 years. There was a squeal that I had been living with for the past 9 months or so that we all thought was coming from the belt somewhere. It was gone.
It still is.
Like the mad scientist in Mary Shelly's novel, DW had just taken parts from a buried corpse, put them into the body of my Jeep and brought it back to life. He made it better than it was before it died, and he didn't even use lightning!

Now I ask you: How the #$%* is that not magic?

Talk to you later!

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