Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'll Have What He's Having, Please

Things Handsome did today:

  • Wrestled
  • Played soccer
  • Played tag
  • Rescued a baby bird in distress
  • Went to Plaster Fun Time
  • Went for a drive
  • Wrestled some more
  • Played basketball
  • Went on a 'ring-and-run' rampage through the neighborhood
  • Played more basketball
  • Played hide-and-seek
  • Went swimming for a couple of hours
  • Took a shower
  • Watched a movie
And that's just the high points! There was more, this is all I can rattle off off the top of my head. My question is: Where in the world does he get the energy? Is it something he ate? Just looking at that list makes me need a nap, and that was on a day off! A day where he was taking it easy! I fold a pile of laundry and I have to sit down and take a break! I've almost dozed off three times just writing this little blog! When did I turn into 'Old Tired Guy', and why didn't I do anything about it?
Okay, I'd love to rant about this some more, but after that paragraph above I'm just exhausted!

Talk to you...

...I can't even finish it. I'm just too tired.

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