Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I'm sitting in the library right now, on my lunch. It's just after 5pm, (yes, I take lunch way late) and the heat of the day has passed. The little weather doohickey I have in the sidebar, however,  says it's still 94 degrees out.
94 degrees. And that's on the way down. Luckily, my anhidrosis seems to be almost gone. I'm kind of counting on it coming back, but for now I'm sweating enough to survive this heat, and it happened just in time!

So, for all those people who wondered today, and all those people who actually asked:

Yes! It's hot enough for me!

Yes! It looks like summer's here!

No! It is not a great day to be a mailman, you jackass! You broke a sweat during our 20 second conversation before you bailed for the comfort of your air-conditioning! Think about it!

No, the mail trucks you see do not have air-conditioning, unless it's the van that my bosses drive around in to make sure we are all okay and still working.

And as a special little side note, to the woman who met me at the door to get the mail wearing a winter coat and a big smile who complained that her house was "just so cold",  ... that's a good way to wind up on a milk carton, lady! They don't call it "going postal" for nothing! Think about it!

Okay, I have to go finish my lunch. I'd take a nap, but I just don't have the energy.

Talk to you later! (And winter coat lady? I have my eye on you!)

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