Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Voices ... The Voices ...

I see guys in movies and on television sometimes, guys who I kind of identify with. They're the crazy guys you see standing on street corners, sometimes with signs, sometimes without, but always with a nifty tinfoil hat to help shut out the voices. The voices seem to come from different places, depending on which madman you are talking to. Below, I have isolated what I like to think of as the Big Three in the 'where the voices are coming from' department

The Government:
-Secret agencies with 3 letter names performing strange mind-control experiments and planting thoughts in their heads. These guys are all about hiding from the government agents who are after them because they are resisting the control and spreading the word: "The government is trying to take over the world!"

Space Aliens Who Walk Among Us:
-There are aliens from another planet among us. They aren't 'little green men', but have managed to look just like us. They also have human zombies; men and women who's brains have been taken over by strange mind control beams from the Mother Ship which is orbiting the Earth, undetectable to normal human technology. These men are constantly dodging space aliens, and their human zombies, who are after them because their minds are free (thanks to their shiny foil headwear) and they are spreading the word: "Space Aliens are trying to take over the world!"

Angels Sent By A Vengeful God:
-The world is a cesspool of sin and vice, and for some reason God's angels have decided to let these guys in on His plan to destroy the world. Unlike the other two types, these madmen are not being chased to shut them up; rather, they are being told again and again to spread the word. The foil muffles the Voices and allows their only respite; otherwise,  they are not allowed to eat, sleep, or rest because the angels are in their heads, constantly spurring them on to spread the word: "The end is near! Repent! Doom is nigh! God is going to destroy the world!"

Now, all of these guys are hearing voices from different sources, and all are different from the voices that I hear; Mine are the characters of the stories I write, all clamoring to have their tale be the next one told. All of the men in the examples above turn to the same thing to protect them from the voices, no matter what the source.
Nifty, shiny tinfoil hats.
What I want to know, for when the voices in my head stop telling me stories and start telling me what to do, is this:

When I make my tinfoil hat, does the foil go shiny side out, or shiny side in?

Anyone? Anyone?

Talk to you later!

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