Thursday, July 28, 2011


So, as I think I've said before, aside from this blog I spend my mornings writing fiction; short stories which I try to polish up and submit in various places for publication. I've been trying to write fiction in the morning, the blog at lunch. When I can. One day last week I didn't write the blog at lunch; I had a surprise waiting for me.
I stopped in to the library that day, just as I did today. I sat down at one of the carolls that has an outlet next to it and fired up the laptop. The first thing I do when I sit down is check my email. As the laptop connected to the library's network my little email checker program threw me a pop-up telling me I had mail. I had a few, so I read them quickly until I got to this one, from the editor of Dark Moon Digest:


Looks like we will be using "Playmate Wanted" in Issue #5 of Dark Moon Digest. Just need a short bio (50 words or less) to include with the story. Thanks for the work you put into it. With Franny's edit and your changes, I think it will fit nicely into our first anniversary issue.

So one of my stories is going to be in a magazine. In print. I have one that was chosen to be in an e-zine soon, but this will be the first time I'll be in a printed magazine that people will have to buy to read...

I felt a huge grin spread across my face as I read the email again. My heart swelled with a combination of pride and excitement, and air rushed into my lungs as I prepared to let out a huge whoop of triumph -
-and I was in the library.
I held the breath and pumped a fist quietly.
It wasn't enough.
I let the breath out slowly as I pretended to pound violently on the desk, stopping my fist about a quarter inch from the wood with every blow.
Still not enough.
I added a kicking foot that stomped the floor in time to the almost pounding fist.
Not enough, and I noticed two library personel looking at me strangely. I quieted down before they called security. I looked around wildly, then started typing as fast as I could.


In other words, I had me a quiet little freak-out right there in the library.

You may have noticed that they asked me for a short (50 words or less) bio for their magazine. Here's what I came up with: 

"At 22 years old, Rob graduated with a BA in English from Salem State College. Now 42 , after years of people saying he tells a good story, he is trying his hand at writing some of them down. “Playmate Wanted” is his first time in a print publication."

That's what I sent in, and that's what they are going to use. Does anyone out there have any suggestions that may help me in the next bio I have to send out? Any ideas? Funny, serious or in-between? If you have any suggestions or ideas, please throw them in the comments section below. I'd love to hear from you!

Talk to you later!

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  1. Congratulations Rob! Be sure to keep a copy of the digest for me. I'd love to have it :)