Friday, July 8, 2011

There's No Pool Like an Old Pool...

A couple of days ago, in my post titled "Doesn't it Just Melt Your Heart?" I mentioned an Easy-Set pool that I was attempting to set up in the back yard. It's the kind where an inflated ring forms the edge and floats on the water to hold up the walls. It's supposed to be easy, thus the name: Easy-Set.
That was Wednesday. This is Friday. To my knowledge the pool is still nothing more than a vinyl puddle on the back deck.
Wednesday, when Handsome requested that I set up the pool, I should have manned up and just said 'No, we're going swimming in the pond'. Now I'm stuck in the middle of it all with no good way out.
I cleared the space for it.
I got it out of the shed.
I cleaned it up.
I cleaned it again.
I inflated the floating ring that forms the top.
There was a hole.
I went out to the store and found a vinyl patch/repair kit.
I patched the hole.
I inflated the ring.
There was another hole.
I found the hole. I patched the hole. I Inflated the ring.
There was another hole.
Last night after work I found that third hole using a little soapy water and a whole lot of luck.
I patched the hole. I inflated the ring.
There was another hole.
I moved a ways away from the house and did a strange little dance for a while. It involved a lot of jumping up and down, shaking my fists and chanting curses.
I was quite inventive with the curses part.
I went back to the house and put all my stuff away and left the triple-patched pool lying there, looking for all the world like some funky giant's discarded sock. When I get out of work today, I am going straight to the house, breaking out the soapy water and finding that 4th hole. I'll patch it and inflate the ring. If it's good, I'll fill the pool. If there is a 5th hole, I'm grabbing Handsome, driving to the pond and throwing him in. He can swim there, like always.
A 10 minute drive vs. 3 days of pool set-up? I'll take the drive, please!

Oh, and as a side-note; If I ever meet the guy who came up with the name "Easy-Set" for this pool, I'm punching him in the mouth.

Talk to you later!

P.S. - I had to came back to tell you: There is a 5th hole. *sigh*


  1. sooooo ... how was the pond?

  2. Actually, it was raining. I'll have to throw him in tomorrow.