Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is just a quick list of questions off the top of my head. Questions occur to me all day, but I don't have anyone to ask, and I generally forget them after a while. I'll just see what comes out of my mental mulch-pile on the question "why".


Why is it that when you get to the mechanic the car simply won't make the strange noise you were describing to him over the phone?

Why is it that, and back me up on this one guys, no matter what you do dogs and small children always manage to do something painful to our testicles?

Why is it that no one on the road is ever going my speed? Most of them are annoying bastards who don't seem to feel the need to be anywhere, but just meander around taking up space on my road. There is, of course, a small percentage of bastards out there who are going just way too fast to be driving safely.
     -Why is it that the bastards who are going way too fast always seem to be able to blow past me and the guy I'm stuck behind? Why can't I blow past the guy I'm stuck behind?

Why are all other children so annoying and ill-mannered when my child is just clever, assertive and precocious?

Why do all the other parents think their annoying children are just clever, assertive and preco... hold on. Oh ... I see. Um, never mind.

Why is it that we, men and women, tend to ignore advice we get from out significant others with just a smile and nod, but if our friends give us the exact same advice we get all "Wow, that's a great idea, why didn't I think of that?"

Why is it that people that have money talk to themselves and it's "thinking out loud", but people who don't have money are "crazy"? (I am firmly in the 'crazy' camp on this one!)

Why do I sound like a rock star in the shower, but I step out into the bathroom and I sound like a rock star's tone-deaf grandmother?

Why, oh God why, do Barry Manilow songs get stuck in our heads so easily?
     (Just me on that one? Really? C'mon, admit it ... 'At the Copa... Copa Cabana....')

Why can a child be in the house with you for hours, watching TV, playing with the dog or their toys, and not talk to you for one blind second, but the very instant you get on the phone they suddenly realize that they have to talk to you, talk to you now, right now?

Why are you still reading this when I know you have your own "why" list running through your own head? Just for giggles, please feel free to leave you own "why" in the comments section below. I know you have at least one, and I know I didn't get them all. How could I? Go ahead and share, I'd love to read 'em!

Talk to you later!


  1. Even a phys-ed major knows why t here's air! It's to blow up footballs and basketballs....

  2. Why equals Em Ex plus Bee, doesn't it?