Friday, July 22, 2011

Cats On The Prowl

Dear diary,
I've been at Sisters house for a few hours now. I made dinner for Handsome and I to eat, then we watched a movie and he got ready for bed. He's in bed now, and here I am, effectively alone in the house. There had been no sign of the cats since we got to the house. They both met us at the door, surprised and unhappy when it was me who came in rather than my sister when they heard the key in the lock. They disappeared, and that was the last I saw of either of them for the rest of the night.
Until now.
Once I was settled out here with my computer, Handsome having gone to sleep in Sister's bedroom, I have seen one of them. George, the smaller of the two, has been lounging in the hall like some sort of ghost. Every time I look out there it's different.
He's lounging against one wall.
He's gone.
Walking toward me up the middle of the hall.
He's gone.
Strolling in from the kitchen.
He's gone.
I'm almost positive that he's being a distraction for me. I'll be all trying to figure out where he is and what he's doing, and then wham! I'll fall victim to a surprise attack from Charlie, the larger of the cats, the one who was looking at me with hate the other day when Sister was making 'introductions'.

So. If I die before I wake, I pray my Blog some sense will make. Tell Handsome I love him.... and good night.

Talk to you later! ( I hope)

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  1. Apparently there are hidden cameras in the house too....