Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

Okay, I can't think of anything at all funny that happened to me today, and it's getting late. Instead, here are some random thoughts that I've had over the past couple of days. I was keeping track of them to use in just such an emergency. 

When am I going to stop giggling inside whenever I hear the word “boobies”?

Why are there Crazy Cat Ladies, but no Insane Dog Men?

What would I do if my boss actually started listening to me?

I don't care how chunky it is, does anybody out there really want to eat their soup with a fork?

Why is it that, frequently, if someone says “This is gross! Look at this!” we look and are grossed out? We knew it was gross going in!

Whoever said that dogs are "man's best friend" never slipped in a freshie in the dark, that his "best friend" just dropped right in front of the door. Best friends don't do that to each other, do they?

I don't get the concept of an 'acquired taste'. If you don't like it, unless someone is forcing you, why would you eat it again? And if you are being forced, it's more 'forced adaptation', isn't it?

Where did the idea that rabbit's feet are lucky come from? If you have a rabbit's foot, that's a clear indication that somewhere out there there's a rabbit who's missing at least one foot. Think he feels lucky?

Why are the Three Stooges seen as unintelligent and violent, when there are Looney Tunes episodes where Elmer Fudd shoots Daffy Duck in the face? Multiple times? And that's okay?

...and that's it. At least for today. Just a quick little post before today becomes tomorrow.

Talk to you later!

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