Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, Terrific...

Last night was Handsome's Blue and Gold Banquet, a spaghetti dinner hosted by the Cub Scouts. We all ate while the different dens put on skits on stage and got their Advancement Badges and Achievement Awards from the Scoutmaster. In between all the performances and Awards, there was a screen at the back of the stage as a sort of backdrop, and they had a projector throwing up slides of photos taken at the various events over the past  year or so.

Handsome was in some of them, but most he was not since he is a member in just one of the many dens of Scouts in the area. We watched the slides go by for a while, and I called out "There you are!" whenever I saw him in the frame. Eventually, though, we got a little bored with this and started to talk to the people around us. The man sitting across from me, for instance, had the cutest little dog you'd ever want to see in a sling he wore around his neck. He claimed it was a 'Service Dog", but what this dog could do for you besides laying there quietly looking adorable, I have no idea.

So I really wasn't paying attention to the slides for a while. Until, at least, I heard a quick bark of laughter from a couple of the people around me. Thinking I was missing something good, I looked up at the screen. What I saw did pull a barking noise out of me, but I don't think it was laughter. I only caught a quick flash of the photo up there on the screen before it changed to a shot of a crowd of young scouts in Halloween costumes, but what I saw was this:

Yeah... that's me at the Halloween party after I had slowly been picking up pieces of Handsome's costume that got left behind as he ran about playing with the other kids. The sad part is that I looked more like Freddy Krueger than Handsome did, and he at least had makeup. That's my real face there... sad... so sad... and not what I was expecting to see plastered on a screen eight feet high in front of the entirety of Pack 16!


Well, at least Handsome got a kick out of it. 

After I pointed it out to him, of course.

Talk to you later!

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