Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Dance

So I've been looking for an alternate source of caffeine for myself. I was all into Hydrive, the caffeinated spring water energy drink, but it's $2.00 a bottle, so I've been trying to steer clear of it. I mean, usually all I need caffeine for is to give myself a little shot of wakefulness to try to finish some writing before I go to bed. I'm not one of those people who requires my caffeine first thing in the morning or I just can't function. I wake up (at whatever time) and just start the day, sometimes annoyingly cheerful about it
So anyway, I've been trying to find alternative caffeine sources to save some money.

I am not a big fan of coffee. I can drink it if I have the right amount of milk and sugar (a lot) or maybe one of those flavored creamers.

I've discovered these things called "Sheets Energy Strips", and I like them pretty well. They're a flavor strip that you dissolve on your tongue that have 100mg of caffeine per sheet. That's right about equivalent with a strong cup of coffee. at $6.00 for 10 strips, they're a pretty good and less expensive alternative to Hydrive.

At least, they were.

Yesterday I stopped in at Shaw's Food Store after work, just to pick up a couple of things. One of the things I needed was a glue stick so I can make some bookmarks. Maybe I'll tell you about those later. But what I noticed as I was picking out a huge glue stick (washable, disappearing purple!) was that Shaw's now sells Hydrive.  That's great I thought. They never sold that here before... I wonder what they're charging for it?

So I looked closer.

Then I looked even closer.

I stared.

4 for $5.00.  $1.25 a bottle. And they had the Extra Power kind, with almost 200mg of caffeine per bottle!

I did a little cheer.

I did a little dance. A little happy dance. A really happy dance! For about three minutes, there in that aisle in Shaw's, I was @$#$ing Fred Astaire! I was dancing back and forth from the shelf to my cart, loading bottles in two at a time.

A woman pushed her cart into the end of my aisle, heading my way.

I did not pause in my happy dance.

She did pause, however, and backed her cart out of the aisle and continued shopping elsewhere in the store. Apparently, whatever she wanted/needed from my aisle was not important enough to risk passing so close to the 200lb bald dancing whackadoo who was slinging bottles into his cart like Noah with the beasts of the Earth. 2-by-2 and nonstop, for quite a while.

Well, forget her! I don't need her! I have my Hydrive!

I pulled up to the register with 20 bottles of Hydrive and a huge smile!

I think I'm going to become a regular shopper at Shaw's. Sorry, lady...

Talk to you later!

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