Friday, February 17, 2012

Do a Little Dance...

We can file this one under 'Weird Things Kids Do.'
We were on the way home tonight (Handsome is staying with me this weekend) and I had to stop at CVS for some milk. And some twine. And a notebook. Then Handsome decided he wanted a notebook, one just like mine but blue, where as mine is green. And a small bag of chips Handsome saw on his way to the register.

It was while I was standing in line that I realized that I had forgotten all about the original reason for stopping there - the milk! So I went to the cooler section to grab me some moo juice, and Handsome vanished. He does that sometimes, and I generally find it quite annoying. I found him pretty quickly, though. Right up one of the aisles, where they keep the Dollar merchandise.

There was music playing on the PA system. I don't even recall what it was, but it was something that one might hear if they put the radio in my Jeep on Handsome's preset. He's been allowed one (actually, he did it without my knowledge, but I didn't reset it once I found out, so I'll claim it was allowed), and you can find any and all new kids hip-hoppy dance beat stuff on it. The kind of stuff I complain about all the time but sing along with it the whole time we are at the Roller Rink on the weekends.

Well, Handsome was singing along with whatever it was. And dancing, something you almost never see him doing in public. Maybe he was all happy and confident about dancing because he was in disguise. You see, he'd grabbed one of the 1$ hats off the shelf and had pulled it down so far over his face it was acting as a mask, though he couldn't see out of it. Singing and dancing to the be-boppy beat, in the middle of the store, was this:
Hi! I'm a Dancing Fool! Squaak!

Okay, I have a beard, but it was pretty much like this. Hopping, shuffling, swinging and dancing. He pulled the 'mask' off and saw I was there, then pulled it back down and went into overdrive. He was leaping about, shaking his butt, high-stepping and kicking. I thought it was hilarious. He knew I though it was hilarious. What he did not know was that a group of teen-agers who were wandering through the store also thought it was funny.

They were walking past the other end of the aisle, and they might have made it all the way past if Handsome hadn't chosen that moment to start saying "Oh-yeah! Uh-huh! Shake it!"


It kind of got their attention, and they all stopped, standing in a gangly knot at the end of the aisle, staring and quietly laughing. Handsome was making too much of his own noise to hear them. At one point they looked across him to me, looking as if they felt a little guilty about laughing so obviously at my son.

I, however, simply smiled and nodded. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. He's all mine!

I love that boy!

Talk to you later!

P.S. - I told him about the kids on the way home. He laughed about it too.

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