Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fox In Sox

This afternoon, while I was working on my FridayFlash for Vamplit Publishing, a friend of mine, knowing that I happen to like Dr. Seuss, texted me with  a link to Target Stores about a Dr. Seuss Storytime event that is coming up.

The bad news for her is that sometimes I enjoy writing like Dr. Seuss, and I sort of get on roll.

Thus, the following conversation. Yes, the link is live, please check it out. Maybe you can find out what Dr. Seuss character you are, and post it in the comments! 

* * * * *
  "Dr Seuss Storytime ... At all Target stores ... February 25 ... 9-11am"

    I'll try to make it
    Handsome won't want to go, but I do... lol

  ha haha
    you can 'find' which Seuss character you are at that site


 Fig and zigs and zogberry jam!!  Contratulations!  You're Sam I Am!

    Shall you guess who I am?
    It'll give you whim-whams.
    This magic computhingie
    claims we're both Sams!


    I went back to Target,
    I replayed the game,
    I changed all my answers
    just to get a new name.
    I twiddled the fiddlers,
    (now, hold on to your jocks,)
    after twiddling and fiddling
    I'm now Fox in Socks!

you're typing a lot
    I see

    Just slowly
    1 line, then think
    1  line then think


    My thinker keeps thinking,
    it's thinking a lot
    writing like this is hard,
    you should give it a shot!

 yeah no

 Your thinker starts noodling,
    and noodling is harder.
    You run back and forth
    from your thought-giving larder
    Until it is empty!
    The larder's run dry!
    Then what can you do?
    Should you sit down and cry?

well, just collect all of these, and you have your blog o' th' day

    No! Never just sit there and cry,
    when all you must do
    is to squint up your eye
    and stand up quite tall
    to give one more try!

    ok... I'll admit it gets easier the more you do it...

    you're gonna do that all day now, arn'cha?

    All day? I don't know,
    it might drive Handsome mad
    and to drive Handsome mad
    might just make me quite sad
    (though sometimes I think that it might not be bad...)

    Writing like Seuss 
    one needs terrible rhyming,
    coupled with transitive quintuple timing

    The rhyming I have,
    but the timing I lack,
    so I wind up with words
    in a mishy-mash stack
    From that mishy-mash stack
    I can pick and can choose
    words by the dozen
    and they help me not lose
    the thread of the story
    that I'm telling for yous.

    So I've plenty of words,
    and on timing I'm working,
    but that means 'round the house
    there are things I am shirking.
    I think I'll do them now.
    (While you get back to working)

 uh-huh...  you should post all of that in your blog


* * * * *

So I did!

I'll talk to you later,
yes, that's what I'll do!
So later I'll talk, 
and to who will be you!

You have a nice day now,
or maybe a night.
Tomorrow my thinker 
will help me to write
one more blog you can read,
It'll be quite a sight!
But for now I must say
Tally-ho! Nighty-night! 

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