Friday, December 16, 2011

Yes. I Have Pants.

It's December 16th

9 days 'til Christmas. 

I work outside all day, every day …
...and I'm still wearing shorts.

I'm not even uncomfortable most of the time. I have my shorts, and I have my hooded sweatshirt, and I'm good.

People keep asking me if we have a bet in the Post Office, trying to see which letter carrier in my town can last the longest without putting on long pants. But it's nothing like that. There is no bet, and I personally don't care who wears shorts longer into the winter. 

I'm just still not sweating. That means I can overheat very easily, so I'm looking to manipulate my clothes to help me thermoregulate, and it's much easier to just take down my hood, or even shuck my sweatshirt altogether, than to try to change my pants out here on the road. (If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, please click this link to go to my blog post titled "No Sweat, No Problem...Not Really!" It will explain everything.)

There are still days out here, like today for example, where it is warm enough (50 degrees today!) that I have to take down my hood because I'm starting to overheat. People don't understand that as long as I'm moving, as long as I'm generating internal heat, I'm fine out here!

Until, of course, the sun goes down. It gets a little hard on my shirts when the sun goes down. I keep having to buy new ones. 

You see, when the sun goes down, the temperature drops quite rapidly. Once that happens, and a brisk evening wind whips across my bare legs, my nipples go hard enough to cut glass.

They keep poking holes in my shirts.

I hate it when that happens.

Talk to you later!

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