Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can We Watch A Movie?

"Dad, can we watch a movie? I wanna see the Smurfs."
"Sure, Handsome. I happened to get that from RedBox this morning. Just let me get a few things done around here, and we can watch it, okay?"
"Okay Dad."

...time passes...

"Dad? Can we watch the Smurfs now?"
"Just let you and I go to the store to try to find that book you wanted, okay? After that we can."
"Okay, Dad."

...time passes...

"Now, Dad? Can we watch the Smurfs now?"
"Just let me finish cleaning out the garage and starting the snow thrower to make sure it works before we actually need it, okay?"
"Sigh. Okay."

...time passes...

"Are you done yet?"
"I need to get the last of these leaves up before we got snow, okay? Just give me a little longer."

...are you getting the idea about the time thing yet? I just bet you are...

"Dad? What are you doing?"
"All this yard furniture is trash, so I'm getting packing it all in the jeep so I can get rid of it. Of course, first I had to clean out the back of the jeep... sorry it's taking so long."
"I'm hungry."
"Well, you took a nap through lunch, while I was raking the yard. I'm just about done here. Let me get these chairs in the back of the jeep and I'll make dinner, okay?"

...time does its thing...

"Is it movie time yet?"
"Just let me clean the dinner mess in the kitchen. Oh, and put away all my fishing stuff downstairs. Then I'll just organize this big bookcase in the dining room because we're having people over here for Christmas next week, and the case looks a shambles. I don't want to leave this until the last minute like I did last year. I'm almost ready for that movie..."

...time passes out...

"Okay, Handsome! It's movie time."
"Okay, you get settled there while I put this disc in. There we go... now, you scoot over so I can sit and watch this with you. Thanks. So, we're watching the Smurfs? Okay ... Zzzzz...zzzzz....zzzzz....zzzzz.....zzzzz...."
"Dad? Can you snore a little quieter? I can't hear the movie."
"...Zzzz...zzzz....zzzz....zzzz.... "

Talk to you later!

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