Friday, December 2, 2011

It's The Simple Things...

The other day, as I was driving my mail truck out to my route, I noticed something strange. There was another mail truck ahead of me, and ahead of him was a car with a woman driving. Her driver's side window was down, and her arm was thrust out onto the cold day. Something was hanging from her hand, fluttering in the breeze and the wash of air disturbed by the passage of her car. Now, she was on the left side of her vehicle, of course, and I, being in a mail truck, was on the right side of mine. This made it a little difficult to actually get a good look at what was going on, but through the application of what I'll refer to as 'strategic driving' I managed to see enough to puzzle it out.
She turned off, and the mail truck ahead of me turned off, and I arrived at the beginning of my route. That was when I noticed that I had missed a call to my cell phone, which was clipped to the dashboard. I checked the call, and found it was from my co-worker, JS. He happened to have been driving the mail truck that had been between the me and the woman. Here is the text exchange that followed. It shows just what it's like to work in that small town at times...

From: JS
To: Rob
I was trying to call u ... cuz I was in front of u and the car in front of me the lady was holding a bra out the window. Like she wqs drying it

From: Rob
To: JS
I DID see that. I was laughing.

From: JS
To: Rob
I was so happy u were behind me ... lol

Yep. It's the simple things...

Talk to you later!

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