Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Special Thanks

Back in October, if you'll recall, I took part in this little thing called the Coffin Hop, where 100 Horror Authors linked their websites and had a kind of Halloween Carnival for a week. I decided at the time to post a couple of stories from friends of mine on my website, kind of to round out what I myself was putting there, but also to give them a little exposure

 One of the two stories that I posted was a short titled "Snuffbox" from someone in my Writing Group. I had helped her edit it, and I had been quite impressed with the story itself, even in rough form. Snuffbox went on my website for the week, where it was listed as having been submitted to Dark Moon Books. It garnered the most comments of everything I had there.

That was in the last week of October. Tonight, an email came out of my Writer's Group that I'd like to share with you:

I submitted a piece for you guys to critique a few months back The Box (Snuffbox) and it has been accepted into the collection Slices of Flesh by Dark Moon Books.
I know that due to all the wonderful critiques of the group this has been made possible. It will be my first published work in print. Of course I'm ecstatic!
And a special Thanks to Rob for looking it over a couple of times for me. You have a sharp eye and I am grateful for your help.
Thanks again,

Well will you look at that?
Rob: Writer. Editor. Talent-Scout.
Congratulations, E!  Welcome to to the Dark Moon family!
You're welcome for any help I gave, and I thank you for the thanks. It made me go all puffed-up in the chest for a while! Remember though: I helped with the editing, but what they bought was your story. It's a good one.

* * * * *

Was this funny at all?
Nope. But it was one of the best things to happen to me all day, so I thought I'd share.

Talk to you later!

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