Thursday, December 1, 2011

The News Today

Though we have a war going on in the Middle East, I still refuse to pay that much attention to the 'news'.
Here is an example of why:

This morning when I got to work my friend SH told me that she saw on the news (I don't know the actual source, whether online, television, radio or newspaper, just that it was from the news) that Kris Humphries will not go along with his estranged wife's proposal to end their marriage.

"Really? You don't say? That was in the news this morning?"
An affirmative answer.
"Okay. Who's Kris Humphries?"
The answer came back. "Kim Kardashian's husband."
"Ah! Well, I see," I said. "Who's Kim Kardashian?"

When I actually have to expend effort and energy not to know about people that I have absolutely no interest in because the media are simply throwing them at me, but the soldiers we have out there are not front page news every day, I feel completely justified in my lack of interest in all forms of media.

...this stance will in no way impact my practice of watching cartoons with my son.

Talk to you later!

1 comment:

  1. Well, what in the world is SHE doing giving any amount of time to paying a bit of attention to those aren't-really-but-really-wanna-bes, who are "famous only for being famous"? They're kind of waste of ink, so you're not really missing out - on anything.

    And you're right too, our soldiers deserve much better press, and better press time, than they're given. :-)