Monday, December 12, 2011

18 Again!

    This morning I was in the locker room just prior to taking my route to the road. One of my co-workers, TK, was standing at the sinks looking very closely in the mirror. He, like me, shaves his head every day. Unlike me, he's clean-shaven all the way 'round while I have a bit of a beard. TK is a clerk, and had already been at work for several hours by the time I got there, and his shave was no longer as close at it could have been. When I spotted him he appeared to be inspecting the stubble on his chin.

"Looking for grays?" I laughed, as I stepped up to the sink next to him. I was kidding, but he seemed to take me seriously.

"Yeah, man. Getting old - gotta find them and pluck 'em. Every one."

"You're kidding," I said, looking at my own graying facial hair in the mirror.

"Seriously," he said, gripping one with his fingernails and yanking sharply. "It's the only way to stay young, man!"

"Uh-huh," I said, watching him pluck another bit of stubble from his chin.
"There we go! Done!" he leaned back from the mirror to take in the full effect, a broad smile spreading his face.

"And I'm 18 again! See ya!" And out he went.

"Eighteen... yeah right," I murmured at the mirror, contemplating the spreading forest of gray that's slowly taking over my chin. "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard ... "

I'll be stopping at the pharmacy on my way home tonight and picking up two pair of tweezers so I can get some two-handed action going before I take a shower. Looking at how much work I have ahead of me, I might have to call in sick to work in the morning just from the pain.

Eighteen again....

Talk to you later!

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