Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Just Sad

We were in the way home tonight, after I had picked up Handsome so he could spent the night with me. I was going over the schedule for the weekend, telling him what we had to do and where, and how much 'goof-off' time we would have in between. He was drawing and coloring in a small book he had balanced on one knee and watching the headlights and tail lights streak by in the night.
"Now, tomorrow is Grandpa's birthday," I said. "So there's going to be cake and ice cream tomorrow night."
He looked up.
"Does that mean we can't go skating tomorrow?"
I shook my head.
"No. Skating is from 12:30 to 4:00, and the party isn't until 6:00, so we'll have plenty of time."
I was expecting Handsome to be happy at this news, that there would be skating for him, followed by sweets that night, but instead he flapped his hands a bit, and his voice was sarcastic.
"All he's going to do is fall asleep."
"He's going to fall asleep. It's what he does every year."
I laughed. He was probably right, but the offhand, very casual and grown-up way he said something happened "every year" made me laugh. He waited until I was done laughing before he, starting to laugh himself, added "It's just sad," in a more sarcastic voice, indicating that the reverse was actually true.
I laughed harder.
My 9 year-old is turning me into the straight man in this two-man act, and you know what?
I really don't mind a bit.
He's pretty damn good at it.

Talk to you later!

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