Friday, December 30, 2011


I don't drink coffee but a few of my customers gave me gift cards for Christmas so I thought I'd give some of the flavored coffees a try figuring that if I could learn to like coffee it would be cheaper than drinking hydrive all the time so I went in to Starbucks (which I happened to have a gift card for, thanks to some of my wonderful customers) and asked "What would you suggest for someone who wants caffeine but doesn't like coffee?" and the guy behind the counter suggested quite a few of their flavored coffees including the Caramel Micchiato and the Peppermint Mocha and I couldn't make up my mind so I simply ordered both figuring that if I didn't like the one then I might like the other and I was surprised that they were $5.00 apiece and there's no way that I would have been paying that much for a drink when I'm trying to learn to like coffee so that I can save a little money by not buying Hydrive all the time but the god news is I think they may have been worth the money since I liked both of them and it wasn't until I got back to the post office that someone told me that espresso is like super coffee in a more concentrated form and has even more caffeine so it's probably a good thing that I didn't get a second one of those but got a giant-sized regular old coffee instead because I drank them both, one after the other, and now I can hear my heart beating (can you hear that 'cuz wow it's really beating to eat the band) and all the people at the post office kind of walked away from me because they said I was talking too fast for them to make any sense of what I was saying even though I was following them around so they would have more time to figure out what I was saying and I came to the house here with Handsome and he's already asked me to stop talking to him so I sat down to write my blog but I can't seem to think of a thing to say so I think I'll just say goodnight to you all and go clean something like maybe the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the bathroom and the kitchen, and maybe the garage because the garage could really use the cleaning and I think I have the time right now so I'll talk to you later!
I'll talk to you later!
I'll talk to you later!

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