Saturday, September 3, 2011


This weekend, the long weekend, my sister is out of town and I am watching her condo again. This means I'm watching her cats again. To see how it went the first time I watched them, please see  The Introduction and  Here Kitty. I was wondering if the cats would remember me, or if I was going to have to go through the whole "getting to know you" process with them. She dropped her keys off while I was at work on Thursday, and last night I went over there for the first time since the last time I cat-sat.
Charlie, the larger of the two (coming in at twice George's 8lbs) met me in the kitchen as I entered. he made no noise, but wound around and about my legs in a friendly enough fashion as I put fresh water in both cat bowls. Of George there was no sign. Fresh water and dry food done, I sat down with my laptop, pounded out last night's blog, and promptly fell asleep. I would have looked for George, or at least tried to gauge Charlie's friendliness to see if he remembered me, but I wasn't feeling well and was pretty tired. Sleep came quickly, and when it came it was deep.
Until this morning.
This morning I woke, refreshed and feeling better. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and scooped up the laptop. I worked on the story I am writing for a while, then decided to get the cats' morning canned food and cleanup out of the way, so I could better time my leaving for work. I put the laptop aside, rose and started walking up the hall toward the kitchen. I heard a rumbling from behind me. I slowed and turned to the right, twisting my body as I walked, to look all the way behind me as I walked.
Sixteen pounds of Charlie Cat hit my left calf as he went by like a one cat stampede. He knocked me off balance enough that I stumbled as he galloped on, sounding like he should be wearing a saddle. I found him waiting for me in the kitchen, wearing a grin that only a cat can wear. He was walking figure eights behind his bowls, rubbing against the cabinet doors, ecstatic that I was on my way into the kitchen in the morning.

Apparently he remembers me.

George, however, is still playing 'Phantom of the Condo', and has yet to make an actual appearance. Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow...

Talk to you later!

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