Sunday, September 25, 2011

Entering the Fray

Thank you to all who took part in my Poll about Underdog.
Unfortunately for me, there were only 6 votes in total, and 4 of them were for "Rob needs a hobby to keep him from thinking of this stuff", so that one was the winner. Underdog remains a champion of the people, and I have to get a hobby.
Unfortunately for you, this is my hobby. It was a trick question. Ah-(as they say)- Ha!
Now, on to today's nonsense!

* * * * *

In my post "There's No Obligation" I told you all what happened when I started to fill out an online inquiry about refinancing the house. Started. Not finished, not hit the "Submit" button, not anything. Simply started to fill out the form, got a little squeamish at the hinky  kinds of questions they started to ask, and backed out of the document deleting as I went.
(for a definition of "hinky", please see my entry "Man, That Word Sounds Hinky". Oh my God, I'm cross-referencing!)
When I did that, I wound up being inundated with phone calls and emails, all people wanting to help me refinance my house. It was fairly surprising and awful.

This evening I did what may turn out to be a bad, bad thing.
I filled out an online application about selling a timeshare this evening.
I filled out the application for information. The entire thing.
I answered as many questions as I could,
I gave them my email address and phone number.
I hit "Submit".
Oh, I was nervous.
You might say I was scared, and I couldn't call you a liar.
I was shaking, and I had to keep wiping the fear sweat out of my eyes, but I did it!

So now I sit, staring at the phone, just waiting for it to ring.
And ring...
And ring...

I feel almost confident, however. I dressed for success, for talking business on the phone.
and again...

Think it'll help?

Yeah. I think so too.

Talk to you later!

P.S.- You may have noticed that there is a new little dingus at the top of the page, the "Blog of the Week". This is a blog that a friend of mine told me about, and I do find it hysterical. Simply click on the picture there and you'll go right to "Hyperbole and a Half". I haven't finished reading it all, but be  sure to check out"The God of Cake". It's a riot!

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