Saturday, September 24, 2011

1st Review! ... Sort Of

Siskel & Ebert 
Today I recieved my first review for my story "Playmate Wanted".
Sort of.

As soon as Dark Moon Books let me know that Issue #5 (the issue my story appears in) was available on Amazon, I let everyone know. Everyone that I could think of. I posted a blog about it, yelled on FaceBook about it, and sent out an email to friends and family. I received some congratulatory emails in return, including one from a friend of mine out in California, whom I'll call PC.

(Using that name is funny in and of itself, since PC, though he understands Political Correctness, and follows all the PC rules all day, it's fairly obvious that he occasionally thinks that sometimes 'PC is B.S.', and he'd prefer to say it like it is. For the record, I agree.)

PC dropped me an email telling me that it was cool that I was being published, and he had already ordered his from Amazon. I sent him a response that I had told everyone I could think of, and now was all paranoid that my friends and family would get it, read it, and come to the conclusion that it sucked. He responded with "Well I think I might get it tomorrow, we shall see.  I'll be sure to give you feedback.  Not just "sucks". 

Keep in mind, in my small circle of friends we are pretty blunt. When my friend, FP, was asked about the Howard Stern Movie "Private Parts", he said it was better than he'd expected. His official position, the little blurb or sound bite that you would see a reviewer give on the back of a book or DVD, was "Howard Stern's Private Parts: It didn't suck!"

This is pretty much what I was hoping for from PC. He got it yesterday, and read it last night and this morning.  I received my feedback from him this afternoon. It was more detailed than I thought it would be, comparing part of it to a movie we have both seen and commenting positively on the ending I chose. I was pretty happy, but I was looking at the email, looking for that one blurb, that one 'sound bite' that I could choose to put on the back of a book. I chose the last line in the email, as it seemed to encapsulate the entire message.
Are you ready?

"Yup, I say keep doing it. I will now add it to my collection of
 books that I don't donate to the local library."
                                      ~ PC

                      Huzzah! High praise indeed, if you know the source!

Talk to you later!

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