Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Issue Of Focus

 I was sitting there at the soccer field, waiting for Handsome's practice to be over. His mother dropped him off here, but I was bringing him home. I stopped by the house on the way to the field to run in and use the bathroom. As I was leaving, running back out to the Jeep to go watch his practice, I noticed a flat package on the dining room table, right where I set up my laptop when I go there for a visit.
It's the two copies of Dark Moon Digest #5 that I ordered from Amazon.
The issue I'm in.
I snagged the package off the table and headed out to the field. I opened the box before practice really got under way, and checked it out. I checked the Table of Contents, and there I am on page 35. I flip to page 35, and there's my story, “Playmate Wanted”.
There was a whistle, as practice began.
I was supposed to be watching Handsome while he practiced. He likes to look over and see one of us watching him. I looked up and he was running with the ball. I looked back down at the issue in my hands.
Eh, I've got time to watch him.
I start reading “Playmate Wanted”.
This is pretty good, I thought. I noticed things, details I had forgotten.

I glanced up. They were all in a huddle in the middle of the field. I looked back down and started reading again.
I read it twice. It's just that good!
It's probably not, really, but it's mine. Woot woot!
I was just putting it away, packing the two copies back in the shipping package together. Handsome strolled up, pants grass stained, face flushed and hair glistening with beaded sweat.
“Did you see that, Dad?”
“I sure did, Handsome,” I lied.
His face was serious.
“What did I do?”
“Uh... you were the one with the ball?”

I am in so much trouble!

Talk to you later!

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