Friday, September 23, 2011

The Nap

I'm sitting in the library towards the end of my lunch. I just wrote a quick story, and you almost wound up with it in here as an example of my fiction instead of a usual blog entry. I wrote a quick little 500 word story, and now I'm tired. Kind of sleepy.
I need a nap.
Oh, sure, I can hear some of the younger readers out there laughing up their sleeves at me. The old man needs a nap, they're saying. Quick, get him his Teddy and Blankie, they're saying.
Let's look at the nap, then, shall we?
What is it that gets you through the hard days of eating, playing, and pooing in your shorts when you're just a toddler?
The nap.
What is it that lets you stay up late enough to see the end of the new episode of I-Carly, or Victorious, or even the amazing crossover made-for-tv movie 'I-Party with Victorious' when you're just a youngster?
The nap.
What gets you through the day when you're in high-school, hiding in the back of the class and hoping the teacher will forget you're even in Algebra this year?
The nap.
When one of your college professors has a horribly droning voice, a magnificent amount of long flowing nasal hair, and is only reading straight from the textbook anyway, what is it that takes you away from the horror of 'Required Attendance'?
You guessed it. The nap.
The Spanish have the Siesta. The Germans have the Mittagspause. The Chinese call it the Wujiao, and we call it the Power nap. The Power Nap, like it comes out of a comic book.
It's traditional. What do you think your own father is going to be doing this Thanksgiving after shoveling in as much turkey as a man can keep down, sticking his fingers into the waistline of his trousers, and throwing himself down on either a couch or a recliner, ostensibly to 'watch the game'?
That's right. He'll be taking a nap.
So I say to all those younger than me, to all those who were giggling or smirking at the thought of me lying down for a little snooze, who thought the idea of a grown man taking a nap was funny, to all those people I say: 

Blow it out your @$$!!  I'm taking a friggin' nap!

Now, where's my Blankie?

Talk to you later!

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