Sunday, September 18, 2011


So this morning I had an email waiting for me from Dark Moon Books, a branch of Stony Meadow Publishing. The top half of the newsletter was an advertisement that looked a lot like this:

Dark Moon Books
Simply. Scary.

Issue #5 of Dark Moon Digest now available!
The dark days of winter are howling outside the windows and the winds are like frosty fingers scratching at thin wooden doors. Yes, the season of the witch is upon us and the moon grows blood red. So, curl up before a nice roaring fire and feed upon the darkness with new tales from Issue #5 of Dark Moon Digest. With Marc Olivent's "Slaughterhouse" graphic serial wrapping up and Kevin McClintock's "Tenants" coming to a climatic end, our 1st anniversary issue is a real page turner. But keep that flame in the hearth glowing bright. You'll need it as evil toys, haunted amusement park rides, worms, rats and insects invade your mind. Not to mention evil in the form of humans. Or what we thought were humans. What was that? Did the lights just flicker? Probably all in your mind. Right...?

Issue #5 is now available at Amazon and other fine online bookstores.

Issues 1 through 4 are also still available.

Okay, it looked exactly like that. I cut and pasted it here (with Dark Moon's permission) to share it with you. Do you see that part about "evil in the form of humans. Or what we thought were humans."? That, my friends and readers, that refers to my very first published short story, "Playmate Wanted".
Can you say 'excited'?
Can you say 'ecstatic'?
Can you say 'doing a little wiggly happy dance in my chair like an excited puppy?
(Except without the peeing, of course. Well ... maybe just a tiny bit.)

So, as I was doing all this wiggling and giggling, Handsome came into the room behind me.  I pointed to the ad I had in the email.
"You see that? That right there is the magazine that's publishing me. Look, look there, I even made a mention in the ad! Sort of."

Handsome just glanced at the screen and gave me just a little perspective in all this.

"That's great, Dad. Can I have a brownie?"

And he walked out of the room.

Ah, there's my place! I see it now, thank you for pointing it out to me. I'll just get back in it now.

Talk to you later!

P.S. - don't forget to check out my entry titled "Underdog - Superhero or Trend-Setting Speed Freak", and take part in my poll! Results posted next Saturday!

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