Friday, September 2, 2011

A Joy to Have Around

This afternoon I called the house across the street, where Handsome was playing with the children, to have them send Handsome back for lunch. I was informed that he had already had lunch (she hoped this was okay). I was informed that Handsome was always very polite, sometimes surprisingly so, and that he was a joy to have around when he was there playing with her children.
I had to bite my tongue not to say "Really? Can you send that child back over here, rather than the one I sent you?"
A joy to have around. Really.
As an example of the child I got back I'll tell you about the sneezing fit I had this evening. I get them from time to time, and they get pretty bad. Not one right after the other rapid fire, but one to three per minute, and they last a while. Three or four sneezes, that's funny. Once you get up around ten or so, your throat and chest are hurting with each one. At fifteen you just hold onto something for balance and wish that they would stop. Approaching 20 and you're still holding something, but now you're kind of wishing to die.
Tonight as I passed five, Handsome wanted to know what my problem was. By ten I was in obvious, visible  distress. He was standing there mimicking me with an "Ahh-CHOO" each time I sneezed. By fifteen, I was holding on to the counter and asking for one of the paper towels that hand right next to where he was standing. He ignored me and continued with the mimicry. When I was approaching 20 he grew bored with this little game and walked away, ignoring my hand, outstretched for  paper towel with which to blot my streaming eyes and nose. I got the paper towel myself, and as I was blotting away and getting myself marginally under control I could hear him in the bedroom.
"I hope Dad doesn't do that all through the movie. I want to hear it."

Compassion. Polite. A joy to have around.


Looks to me like I got back the same kid that I sent over there!

Talk to you later!

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