Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day! I'm Tired ...

You hear about the gifts that dads get on Father's Day, and people laugh. A tie. Socks. A  cool sweater ... stuff like that. I remember that I used to get my father books that I like as well, so I could borrow them once he was finished with them. Luckily we have similar reading tastes. My son, without ever hearing about the book thing, took a page out of my own book by getting me something that he wanted as well. Actually, it was something that he already had, but I needed one of my own so that we could use them together. He refused to have Wife pay for it, and she took him to the sporting goods store so he could spend his own money on me.

A tennis racket.

Handsome got a tennis racket for his birthday last year, and has pretty much just been waiting for the chance to use it. I have always begged off, saying "I don't have a racket! Tell you what ... I'll get one this week."
He's tired of waiting. He got me one for father's day.
I appreciate it, the thought and all, and the fact that he spent his own money on it. I love the fact that he wanted to spend the time doing something with me, and I know I have to take advantage of this now, before it wears off. He'll be a hulking, surly teen-ager before I know it, and by then I won't be able to pay  him enough to actually want to spend time and do things with me. So we went out tonight, once it had cooled off enough for me to play for a while without overheating too much, and we played tennis.

Can of practice balls: $2.00
Tennis Racket: $26.00
Gas to get to the tennis court: $ 0.75
Playing Tennis with your 8-year old son: Priceless!

Yeah, what the commercial fails to mention is that in order to play tennis with my son I had to take it up for the first time when I am 42 years old and 35 lbs overweight. We played for somewhere between an 60 and 90 minutes.
Screw tennis elbow! I have tennis knee, tennis foot, tennis heel (yes, it's a different pain than the tennis foot), tennis 'weird spot on the inside of my thigh', tennis chest, tennis shoulder, and, last but not least, tennis testicle.
That last one had to do with a hard shot by Handsome that took a strange bounce. Upward.

It's Father's Day, and I'm tired. I kind of wanted to go fishing, but this was good too. Except for the testicle.

I don't think a book would have killed me.

I'm going to bed.

Talk to you later!

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