Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Working Lunch... Sort Of.

I had a strangely tired day today. I don't know why, I mean I got as much sleep as I usually do. I even stayed in bed an extra half hour this morning, hitting the snooze twice before getting up to work on a short story before going to work, so, technically I got a little extra sleep. But this afternoon I had almost an hour, adding together my lunch and both breaks, so I went to the library to try to write for a while on my lunch.

I went in, found a carol next to an outlet and set up my laptop. The machine booted up, I found my "Stories" file, opened the document with the correct story in it, and
zzzz ... 
What!? Oh, I guess I dozed off for a minute or two there. Where was I ... okay, here's the story, now I just have to read back a bit to remember exactly where I left off this morning, and
zzzz ... 
*Snort* Huh? Oh! Did it again, how about that? Okay ... so the young man is talking to the priest about a possible exorcism, and let's see, I think he was about to
zzzz ... 
Crap! I think I dozed off again! Well, at least that would explain this line of drool that's connecting my bottom lip to the desk. Gotta wipe that up ... God! I hope no one saw that! Are there knuckle-marks in my cheek from leaning on my fist like that? I hope not. Right! I need to start getting some words into this story while I still have
zzzz ... 
Wow I have to pee! Where the hell did this line of drool come from again? Was I asleep again? Oh for crying out loud! Well, this trip to the bathroom should wake me up ...
There. That's better. Now to get some words into this story before I run out of ... Holy Crap! Is that the time? Wow, lunch is over! I have to shut this thing down and get back to the office. Jesus! At this rate I'll be done with this story sometime in 2012!

... and that was lunch. Sort of.

Talk to you later!

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