Monday, June 20, 2011

Does Catnip Give You The Munchies?

Late last month I saw an ad in my Facebook sidebar. "Bloggers needed." I checked it out. I wound up going to a Facebook page for product called Chronic Catnip. They have their own website as well as the Facebook page, and apparently they're looking for bloggers.
Well hell, I thought, I'm blogging every day anyway. Whether they pay money or I can use as a writing credit, either way it kind of looks like fun.
So I followed the contact information and sent them an e-mail. They said that they were looking for bloggers with the humorous bent, so I sent them a few links to blog posts here at "While You're Making Other Plans", choosing three or four of, what I consider to be, the funniest posts I had. Since this wasn't entirely unsolicited, they had been advertising for bloggers, I sat back and waited for a response. I was a little excited, and looking forward to getting a response, since I would count this as an actual writing job. Whether it was for pay or just for using is a writing credit, it would be solicited writing for someone else. Yay me!
So, figuring that I would get an immediate response, I waited.
And waited…
And waited…
And 2 1/2 weeks later, as I was sitting at my computer, and e-mail came in from someone at Chronic Catnip, sent from their iPhone. The message, in its entirety, was "Rob, still interested in blogging?"
Well, I was sitting right there, so I banged out an immediate response. My send time was only 10 min. after I received their e-mail. I asked a couple of questions, basically asking what they were looking for, and hit Send.
That was almost 2 weeks ago, and I am yet to hear back again.
I'm still waiting.
Should I be surprised that a small business whose symbol is a stylized cat smoking something that looks suspiciously un-cigarette like seems to have a hard time getting back to me in a timely fashion? That their attitude seems to be quite laid-back?
I think not.

If anyone from Chronic is reading this, please, feel free to contact me through the blog. I'd still be thrilled to blog for you guys. It still sounds like fun, and I would still try to do a good job.
Maybe just a little bit… Slower than I had originally intended.

Still waiting.

Talk to you later!

Still waiting…

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