Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prankster, Comedien, All-Powerful Being...

God has a sense of humor. I've heard this before. Been hearing it for years, in fact. Now I know. How do I know? Simple. I was under inspection at work today, walking in a little heat. Not too much, just under 80 degrees. The guy who was walking with me had been alerted to my condition and was very accommodating. I was wetting my shirt when I needed to, and he didn't hassle me when I slowed down from time to time. Which I did. From time to time. But there I was, walking around feeling the heartburn from the prednisone and wishing I would just spontaneously burst out in a body-wide splash, when God stopped by. I picture Him stepping up to me, laying His finger upon me in jest, and then backing away quietly, His hand over His mouth to stifle His giggles. What did he do, you may ask? He made my ears sweat. Yup, my ears. Does that cool me off at all? No. Does that have any productive effect on me at all? No.  Does it do anything at all? Yes. It tickles. Ha-ha, FunnyMan. Talk to you later!

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