Saturday, April 21, 2012


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The other evening while the family was at my grandparent's house to visit my visiting aunt (that sentence does make sense, no matter what it looks like 1st time through), my father asked me if I'd ever thought about acupuncture as a treatment for my anhidrosis (the loss of the ability to sweat - see "No Sweat, No Problem - Not Really" for the full details on that score). I had to admit that I had not. I'm pretty sure that if I had, those thoughts would have run along the lines of well, if they start sticking needles into me I'll definitely get a trickling sensation, though I think it more likely to be either urine or blood, not sweat.

Everyone in the room was of the opinion I should give it a try. I actually started to think Oh, what the heck, it's not like I have anything to lose. Even my doctor can't look at me and say 'That's silly, it'll never work,' because we really have no idea what does work.

Then I started to think about the comedian Bill Engvall. He has a routine where he talks about going to the acupuncturist, and I find the routine hysterical, but something he says at the end of it now sprang to my mind. When he left the office and had gotten all the way home he found, humorously of course, that he still had a needle embedded in his flesh.


I was about to tell this little story, heard from a comedian during a routine, to the assembled family, but they had continued to discuss the idea while I was thinking of a famous funnyman.

“Mum,” said my aunt to my grandmother. “You remember that time you went to the acupuncturist and when you came home you kept feeling like there was something in your shoe? And when you finally took your sock off you found one of the needles still in your foot?”

“Yes,” nodded Grammy. “They’re just tiny little things…”


I didn’t tell the Bill Engvall story. It would have been anticlimactic.

So I’m actually thinking about trying an acupuncturist for my anhidrosis.

Does anyone out there know of a good one? Preferably one that can count!

Talk to you later!


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