Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me!


I had a pretty good day. I had the day off (just lucky in the rotation) and I wrote in the morning, then worked on figuring out how to make an Ebook in the early afternoon. Picked up Handsome after school, brought him to his house, and there I got the best present of the day.

Knowing that I'm a Milk Dud addict (admitting your addiction is the 1st step on the road to recovery!), the little man got me a box of candy, but that wasn't enough. He whipped out a marker and altered the box, renaming and thus creating a new candy just for me!

That's right, the little so-and-so created "Milk Dads", for me, on my birthday. His first pun.

I am so proud! Good thing I already admitted to being a word-geek. This would have outed me for sure!

I have to go, I have Milk Dads to eat!

Happy birthday to me!

Talk to you later!

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