Monday, April 23, 2012

Cool... SO Cool....

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I was walking up the left side of the street this afternoon, head down and sorting the mail for delivery, when I heard a voice calling out to my right, on the far side of the hedges that line that side of the street.

"No! I said no!"

I looked in that direction, curious. I mean, wouldn't you be? If you were there, and you heard that cry, you'd have been just as curious as I was. You too would have looked in the direction of the voice.

You too would have seen the good-sized dog come bursting through the hedges at a dead  run, angling across the street and coming straight for you, mouth open and showing a lot of teeth.

The voice came again, as the dog halved the distance between us in the blink of an eye.

"Dave! I said no!"

At the sound of the name what I saw as a vicious dog on an attack intercept course resolved in my mind into Dave, an old white boxer with a face that looks a lot like that old man who plays chess against himself in the beginning of that Pixar movie. Just without the huge nose.

So the friendly old dog with the old man's face sprinted up to me, his mouth hanging open so his tongue could loll, teeth completely incidental, skidded to a halt to collect his pat and a "Hi, Dave!" Pat collected, he turned and trotted off back the way he had come. His owner, who had seen the entire interaction through the hedge though there had been no way he could have caught the dog, said "See, Dave? You're lucky we have a cool mailman, or you could have been in trouble for that."

I gave them a wave and a "No worries, I like Dave!"

Cool mailman. Yup, that's me.

You think he still would have thought I was cool if I confessed to him that, though I'm not sure, I might have wet my pants just a little when Dave came through the hedges at me?

Just a little.

Still cool?

I didn't think so.

Talk to you later!

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