Monday, April 9, 2012

Checklist: Check!

Safety Goggles: Check.

Face Shield: Check.

Leather Throat Cover: Check.

Catcher’s Chest Protector: Check
Padded Coveralls: Check.

Leather Apron: Check.

Athletic Cup: Check.

Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves: Check.

Clippers, Snippers, Bolt Cutters, Coping Saw, Hand-held Power Planer, and Orbital Sander with 50 Grit Paper: Check.

1- 80 oz Powerade Sports Drink, with Replenishing Electrolytes: Check.

We are go.

Okay. Time to cut Handsome’s toenails before he ruins yet another pair of shoes.
Honestly, the kid’s like some mutant from the movies or a comic book!

I’m going in!

Talk to you later!

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