Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whitewashing is Fun!

"Dad? I need your help."
My chest puffed up with pride at his words.
You see that? I thought, never mind all that time he spends playing Minecraft now. When the chips are down and he needs help with something, he comes to dear old Dad!
I got up from my desk, here, where I was sitting, and headed out to see what the problem was.
Yeah, I thought. It's not always all about Minecraft!
"What's the problem, Handsome?"
"I can't figure out how to make a Minecraft server, so I can host a game."
Oh.  Nuts.
Oh well,  I thought loudly, more loudly then the sound of Life laughing at me which had begun to fill my head. I can spend time with him working on this, I guess. Yup... the two of us, working side-by-side... yeah. Could be worse...
"Okay," I said, motioning for him to surrender the chair in front of his computer to me. "Let's see what you've got so far."
We got to work.
Ten minutes later I looked up from the screen. I was going to ask Handsome a question -I can't remember exactly what, now, - to see that the boy was gone.
I heard noise coming from my room, where handsome had gone to do... something. Whatever he was doing, it was less boring than trying to figure out how to create a Minecraft server.
Son of a gun! He 'Tom Sawyered' me! 
Well that thought made me laugh out loud, one quick barking sound. At the happy noise, he popped back into the room.
"Are we done?" he asked, then looked puzzled as I laughed some more.

Talk to you later!

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