Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have You Ever Noticed?

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...and on with the blog!

Have you ever noticed that proximity to bees, hornets or wasps turns us into karate masters?

Have you ever noticed that music that seems perfectly fine when we complete a trip and turn the car off sounds unbelievably loud when we get back in the car for the trip home?

Have you ever noticed that our first reflex when we bite into some food object that we think has 'turned', or gone bad, is to turn to the person next to us and ask "Does this taste/smell off to you?"; like if they tell us it smells fine we'll just continue eating whatever it is?

Have you ever noticed that while your own children are 'expressive and know what they want', other people's children are 'obnoxious little @#$%s'?

Have you ever noticed that while other people's FaceBook photos are 'obviously at least ten years old, who do they think they're kidding?', ours are 'the only clear shot I can find of myself, and I really haven't changed all that much since then anyway...'?

Have you ever noticed that other people's vacation stories are terrifically boring, while ours are 'a hilarious anecdote you just won't belie- hey, where are you going?'?

Have you ever noticed that (for most of us) your ability to sing is directly proportional to the distance between you and anyone who might hear you? (and yes, this is affected by the car windows being rolled up!)

Have you ever noticed that walking through an unexpected spiderweb can turn even the mildest of us into somewhat threatening figures as we leap about and prove to the world that we are unafraid of repeatedly whacking ourselves in the face?

Have you ever noticed that (for men, at least) the further back the story goes in our lives, the greater an athlete we were at the time?

Have you ever noticed that everyone's dogs are either 'just fine, he won't hurt you', or 'just loves people', which translates into 'he'll only bite you if he can catch you', and 'why is this poodle humping my leg?'?

Have you ever noticed how simple most explanations are for things... once someone else has thought of them?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes I just babble stuff in here off the top of my head and hope you'll think it's either profound or funny?

Have you noticed that this has been one of those times?

Talk to you later!

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