Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a Moment...

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So I wrote these two stories this month, and I'm a little-

-hang on, I'll be right back.

Okay, back. I had to check my email and FaceBook.  So I have these two stories submitted with their respective anthologies, and-

-be right back, checking again.

Okay, back. So they're submitted, one to a horror anthology the other to a horse-based charitable anthology, the proceeds from which will go to help support a horse rehab facility. I'm anxio-

-sorry, 1 second.

Okay, back. The horror story is important to me because if it sells for the amount they were talking about then I'll be able to join the Horror Writers Association-

- just a sec.

Okay, back. The other one, though, the horse story, is for charity, so I really hope that gets accepted as well. The problem is that the publisher for the-

-I am sorry, be back in one second.

Back. The problem is the publisher for  the horse anthology said that they'd be posting an acceptance list this weekend, so I can't seem to go 10 seconds without-

-be back momentarily....

Back. I can't seem to go 10 seconds now without checking my email and their FaceBook page to see if I got  in. It's making it hard to get anything done while-

-just one moment, let me-

-you know what? I guess I'll just talk to you later...

Talk to you later!

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