Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NaNoWriMo And Giant Shoes

Next month is National Novel Writing Month!
(NaNoWriMo, or just NaNo for short)
For an explanation of NaNoWriMo, click this link to go to my post called "Treated Right But Still Planning A Murder", I pretty much explain it all there.

I've been holding on to an idea for this year's NaNo for 10 or 11 months now, and it's almost time to start writing! I'd actually been holding the idea for so long it was starting to seem stale in my mind. I'd think about it a bit and start to worry about NaNoWriMo rather than look forward to it.
"Is there enough there?" I'd worry. "Will I be able to take that idea and stretch it out for at least 50,000 words?" I was so wrapped up in writing other fiction, even writing this blog, that the idea I had for my NaNo novel, started looking iffy. I was considering not working on NaNo this year, but I decided to think about it a little more.
So today as I was walking my route I started to think about the story, which I have given the working title "Home Grown". I started with a main character sketch, then some supporting characters. A little about my Big Bad for the story, then some area sketches. Then a plan for a quick outline to follow, planned some scenes, and added a dog. Planned some more scenes, thought of a sub-plot, nixied the dog then brought him back, thought of some backstory, added another character sketch to the mulch-pile, thought of a twist, two more characters went into the pile ...
Holy Crap I thought, my mind flying like the Concord. Wow, I can write anything!
I moved on to doing rewrites of existing stories in my head, stories I have written this year that have... issues. I fixed the issues, made the stories better, all in my head as I was walking. It all seemed so easy!
My God! I really can write anything! I'm a great writer!

I got to lunch, went to the library and whipped out the laptop and sat down to write my blog. I zipped to the site, opened a New Post, cracked my knuckles and gently placed my fingers on the keys.
Okay, I've been cooking with gas all day, so this shouldn't take long at all! Okay ... I'll blog about ... um ... I'll blog about...  about ... ah ... 



 Yup. Mr. 'Great Writer' had Blogger's Block, so you got that instead.

From hero to zero in seconds flat. Even the fastest of runners can stumble when their shoes are too big.
...or their britches.

Talk to you later!

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