Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freddy Krueger, Parts I and II

So last night was Handsome's first Scout Pack meeting, and lucky for him it was a Halloween party. We (I) spent some time trying to get his makeup right, since he didn't want to wear a mask this year. Probably a good idea, since he always winds up taking the mask off and I have to carry it around while we trick-or-treat.
Makeup seemed like a good solution until I realized that I'd be trying to make his face look all burned up. I gave him a yellowish base-coat, and then slapped some maroon all over him where Freddy's major burn scars are. A little water in the middle of them to wash away the makeup there, pat them dry, and you have a reddish outside with a nice pink interior, that look pretty burn-ish. If he's in a dim light. Wearing his hat.

So I slapped the trademark red and green Freddy sweater on him, popped the hat on his head and gave him the famous razor-glove. He looked pretty good! I got him to the church basement with the other cub scouts and the party did commence! He was all proud of his costume (especially since no child there had even seen "Nightmare on Elm Street", including him!) He volunteered to carry the flag out for the opening ceremony, completely Freddie'd out! Once the party was underway, they started playing games. Handsome was running about like a maniac, so I suppose it was good that he was dresses as one. Eventually, though, I noticed something was missing. I found him in the crowd of kids by looking for the red and green sweater, but when I found it there was no accompanying hat!

"Dude, where's your hat?"
"I dunno... wait! It's over here!"
He ran and got the hat, and the razor glove to go with it.
"You're not going to wear these now?"
"I can't," he answered. "They get in the way during the games!"
The next thing I knew, I had the had and glove, and he was sprinting away to move on to the next game with his Den.
Well, okay, I thought, It's not like it's the first time he's left a costume behind or anything. At least the makeup's holding on, and I can find  him anywhere in that sweater!
They moved to a smaller side room to play a more contained Halloween game that was based on Bingo. I looked through the window from the hall where I was waiting, and noticed right away that something else was missing. When the game was over and he came running out I flagged him down.
"Hey! Where's your jersey? The red and green jersey?"
He looked blank for a second, then looked down at himself and ran back into the room. He was out in seconds with a red and green jeresy, which he tossed in my direction.
"You're not wearing this either?"
"It's too hot," he hollered over his shoulder as he disappeared down the hall after his den.

Well, I thought, at least I have all of his costume together if he's not going to wear it. It's kind of a pain to carry around though...
 So this was how we finished out the night:

Truth to tell, I think I was scarier looking than Handsome was, and I didn't even use any makeup!
They don't call him "Handsome" for nothing.
...and they don't call me "Handsome at all!

Happy Halloween!
Don't forget the Coffin Hop!
Blah... blah... blah...

Talk to you later!

I'd like to thank the nice lady who was taking pictures for the Pack last night. I forget her name, but she told me to just go to the Pack Website and pull off whatever pictures I wanted.

Thank you, Nice Lady!

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