Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello Nana!

Just a short one today!
This afternoon I received an email from my Mom's mom. I'll call her ... Nana.
Okay, fine I really do call her Nana, so sue me for being unoriginal.

Anyway, she was responding to the email I sent out alerting the family to the fact that I may have finally blogged something they'd like to read about: my entry on taking my son, Handsome, to the fair. (Please see my entry titled "Yes, Handsome, But Is It Fair?" for all the details.)

Apparently there had been a slight delay in her reading the email and following the embedded link to this blog. Someone sent the email to the wrong address, one similar to, but in actuality not, my Nana's email address. That person has been ferreted out of this organization, beaten to within an inch of their life, and turned out into the street with nothing more than a sore butt and a bad reference.
...Okay, it was me. I corrected the mistake in the email address recorded in my files, and I'm moving on.

She loved the blog, and she loved the entry. I mean, c'mon, it's my Nana! She's practically contractually obligated to like my stuff! She really enjoyed the video I uploaded where Handsome wins the big prize. She said she is going to go back now and read all my blogs ...

My mind immediately flew to my two-part expose' last month on Male and Female bathroom etiquette ("There's No "I" In Team" parts 1 and 2) ...


I mean ... c'mon, it's my Nana!

Oh well, I write what I write. If she ever reads my Horror fiction, then I'll really have something to blush about.


Welcome to WYMOP, Nana! I hope you get some laughs!

Talk to you later!

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