Friday, October 21, 2011

Do the Clothes Make the Man?

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Scary stories, parties, trick-or-treating, candy...
Oh, sure, kids love the candy, but what really seems to get them going is the costumes. And it's not just them. Before Handsome was old enough to walk he was in the cutest little Tigger costume you ever saw! He didn't choose that, we did! I have pictures, and I don't care who you are, you can't look at those pictures without coming to the conclusion that Handsome was just exactly the cutest little sonovabitch to ever wear the black and orange!
After that there was a pumpkin costume (still adorable!) and then a spider. The spider was still cute, with his little extra arms hanging from strings... you have to get them in those costumes while they're young enough not to know what an amazing pain those extra arms are. After they figure that out they put their little feet down.
Oh, he's been the Hulk (complete with fake muscles), the Thing (from the Fantastic Four, not the John Carpenter movie. Although that would have been awesome!), and Buzz Lightyear. My favorite of that 'superhero' phase was the Buzz Lightyear, since he took to wearing it about the house and randomly striking heroic poses.  He's funny as well as cute!
Then he went on to the Horror stuff. Two years ago he went as Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies. He'd actually seen Friday the 13th by then, or at least some of it. I can't take the blame for that one though; that little gaffe didn't happen on my watch. Not to worry, though, I've had plenty of 'whoops, shouldn't have let him see that' moments.
This year it was Freddy Krueger, from Nightmare on Elm Street. He wanted to be Freddy, he had to be Freddy, he needed to be Freddy
"Alright, for God's sake! You can be Freddy!"
We went to the Halloween store to get a costume, and I walked right over to the wall of masks and slipped one on. I turned and held my hands up toward Handsome like claws.
"Booga booga!"
He just looked at me.
"Who are you supposed to be?"
I just stared at him through the eyeholes in my new rubber face.
"I'm Freddy Krueger. Who did you think I was?"
"That's Freddy?" He looked astounded.
"Well," I said, taking off the mask, "yes."
He looked at the mask in my hand.
Apparently he'd just heard Freddy Krueger was cool.

I wonder if I can get  him in a spider costume again...

Talk to you later!

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