Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living in a Materials World

Handsome is a businessman. I believe I have mentioned his drinks stand, and how well that went. Now he has another little setup running.

Clay Art for Sale.

He has some pieces all made already, and I helped him make a tray to hawk them from, the kind you carry around with a neck-strap. He made up a price list: $2 for a small, $3 for a medium and $4 for a large. He also had the sense to post an additional charge: +$1 for 'requests'.

And yes, he spelled 'request' correctly.

I was more impressed with that than I was at the little business. He's also pretty smart about his 'target market'. He printed out one price sheet, and left it out for my mother. She might go broke, but he's going to make a fortune!
She's ordered 2 or 3 pieces from him already, all subject to the 'requests' charge, of course. I had to take him to the local art supply store on a materials run. He's using Model Magic, from Crayola, so we went and got two large tubs of the stuff, each tub with containers of various colors. Plus another small container of Green (for some reason not one of the color collections available included any shade of green. Except of course for the shade called "Money Green", although you lose that at the register rather than finding it in any of the tubs).

We had a $20 gift card from his Aunt, and I just figured I'd pick up the difference. We brought everything up to the register and I handed over all the materials and the gift card. She rang and swiped and scanned for  a while, then told me my total was just over $30.
"There's a $20 gift card there," I reminded her.
"Yes, sir. I already scanned that through, and what is left is $30."
She was smiling thinly.
I made a clicking sound in my throat. Twice. Then I managed to say "oh", in a very small voice I barely recognized as my own. I pulled out my debit card in  less-than-authoritative manner and paid the lady.

I took Handsome home and he started working on an order for Grandmama. A Totem Pole which incorporated four different pieces. He worked pretty hard on it, and though it was pretty big it did not use up all that much of his new pile of materials. He crafted it, then let it dry, and last night he brought it over here to give to her. This morning as I was making breakfast they were figuring out how much she owed him. She ran through the numbers with him and they each came up with the same total:


I made the clicking sound in my throat again.

You think Handsome would hire me on as an assistant? I could use the cash!

Talk to you later!

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